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Posted on July 03 2018

Picture if you will: You're walking your dog down your street. Same route as always, same routine as always. Left at the corner, to the house at the end of the road, the one with the brick fence. You take a right turn up the hill (the one you dread) around the block until you arrive back where you started. You've done this same path a million times - a daily routine- your mind wandering the entire way. Did you miss something? Anything different? 


Are you so conditioned that nothing would get your attention?


WHAT IF the next day, the same routine, you feel something is very different. Would you notice? Are you so conditioned that nothing would get your attention? The sidewalk is no longer concrete, it is made of jello. That old brick fence is candy cane. Your dog gets onto the escalator that goes up the hill you hate... your house is at the end of a very long slippery-slide... Would you notice?


Think Exotic, think Innovative, think DIFFERENTLY.


STRATEGIC DESIGN:  Is a concept developed to snap consumers out of their mindless daily routines - a way to create new and inviting concepts and experiences for interactive exchange with the product. This is: Think Exotic, think Innovative, think DIFFERENTLY. To succeed in any market or industry, providing an escape from predictable is the key. STRATEGIC DESIGN may include: interior design, graphic design, experiential design, product design, business re-branding, and more. However you approach the issue, STRATEGIC DESIGN  is an effort aimed at getting attention and keeping it,  for consumers lulled into a stupor by the same ol' approach. It is a way to intrigue the uninitiated and set yourself apart from your competitors. It’s time to save humanity from the daily routine. Did this explanation get YOUR attention?


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