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3 Reasons to Become A Pot Head

Posted on July 09 2018

In Downtown San Diego there is a tiny coffee shop nestled amongst an infestation of many other small coffee shops, and many other breakfast nooks and many other cafes. Nothing unique about the location- just wedged into the city block like all the rest. What makes this one coffee shop stand out in any particular way? It all comes down to DESIGN. More specifically; strategic, thoughtful and witty branding design.


The design is very simple (in fact, you could pull the art from Google), but the CONCEPT is huge.



Spill the Beans Coffee and Bagel Shop competes to get business every morning, both regular customers and newbies, but they have an eye-catching advantage. Inside the cozy, modern design doorway you immediately spy a large wall decal of a coffee pot with a neon sign in the middle reading: “Pot Head”. The design is very simple (in fact, you could pull the art from Google), but the CONCEPT is huge. And let me tell you why…


1. People LOVE a good photo opportunity.

If you look on Instagram at all the people that have tagged themselves at Spill the Beans coffee and Bagel shop, you will see that 95% of the photos have that large, iconic, coffee pot and neon sign in the background. Key word here is ICONIC. They have created an impression with this design element that instantly transformed their space into an iconic location.


2. People NOTICE and GRAVITATE towards creative ideas (as well as bright signs).

Who doesn’t want to be a part of the hype? If all your friends are going to this coffee shop and taking cute pictures in front of this “famous” sign, then you will naturally feel an urge to join in. Creativity is ORIGINALITY. Or in other words; DIFFERENT, NEW, INNOVATIVE, INVENTIVE, INDIVIDUAL ideas. Who doesn’t want to be a part of that kind of movement? (Plus, it will totally look good on your ‘gram).


3. People SHARE what they love.

When you find a great book (or recipe, or restaurant) you tend to tell everyone that you can about it and why it is so great. DESIGN can work in the same way- This “Pot Head” sign is a perfect example of that. In the same manner people share their photo experience on Instagram, they share that same excitement by word of mouth. This is exactly what you want for your business. FREE PUBLICITY from word of mouth. It’s brilliant really.


Consider these factors when you are planning your business strategy. Design is much more than fonts and colors; Design is a strategy in itself. Don’t forget that!







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